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Fempower is putting together an archival book that will revisit all the magic our community has created over the past 5 years. Entitled "Revolutionary Ternura" (tenderness in Spanish), the book will serve as a portal to a world where revolution, family, commitment to the land and love moved and shaped us. From creating gardens, conjuring up spirits and liberating minds, this book is our remembrance, our existence, our future.

Cover designed by Fempower artists Catherine Villalonga and Nadia Wolff.
The paperback, 8 x 10" full color 100+ page book will be printed in the USA, and we hope to ship by Summer 2022.


Sliding scale pricing: In order to make the book as accessible as possible, while still covering the printing costs and fairly compensating the queer and trans people of color who are creating this book, please choose what you pay based on your circumstances. We are grateful for your support!